Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy Birthday to me (2 weeks ago)

Not that I feel it important to mention my birthday, but I do bring it up because of the wonderful birthday gift I received from Channing. He has actually become very good at the gift giving thing (after of course, he had finished my "Friends" all 10 seasons DVD collection and bought every thing he could think of from the Walmart jewelry selection)
At Christmas he even surprised me with a beautiful diamond wedding band to match my engagement ring.
So for my birthday he told me he had not heard me mention anything I really wanted or needed. He knows gift cards for clothes are always good, but I have to admit, now that I am not working, I don't need much, and what I do want, I go buy myself.
Channing acted surprised when I told him I wanted a new gas barbecue grill. We had an old small one that had pretty much quit working so I wanted and we needed a new one since we seem to have all the kids plus the boyfriends eating here with us most of the time.
And Channing actually told me he would not get it for me because he KNEW it was something I would be using against him for years to come. He was afraid it would turn out to be alot like the gift his Dad bought for his wife for their anniversary. Vickie loves to tell how she got a chain saw for her anniversary one year all because she told him she would really just like her trees and shrubs professionally trimmed.


Kira Rae said...

Hey, that's quite the grill. Don't show John, he'll think he needs one. I just found your blog. Looks great!

Shannon said...

Oh this is going to be lots of fun. Welcome aboard. So when is the next barbeque? jk I know you will have lots to post with two new grandbabies coming. Can't wait.

Lindsay said...

I had no idea you had started a blog! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! Nate thinks he needs a new grill as well. Ours works just fine, and is plenty big, but he thinks the chrome one at Costco is calling his name.