Saturday, June 27, 2009

Target Practice 101

Ok .. . first of all...I still can't quite figure this posting thing out so I had given up the blogging world because it just shows how old and stupid I am when it comes to this picture stuff.
But we had such a great day target practicing and siting in Channing's new handgun that I want to share.
So, first of all. I have NEVER shot a gun in my life so if I want to protect myself I thought I should probably know how to do that. The pictures tell it all. Channing demonstrated and then had to stay and help because my small hands could not reach the safety and still pull the trigger. I did it and I was so proud of myself and wanted to see how impressed the kids were, but I did it with the gun still loaded and the safety off. That is why Channing is running from me like a mad man.
Anyway, it was just a really nice day, until on our way home Channing's transmission went out in his truck. Thank goodness we were not to far from Lehi where Uncle Ivan, who is a mechanic, came to tow us home. After 3 hours, we did get home to Spanish Fork, but the truck is in Lehi needing big help.
The day was so fun though with Breanna and her fiance' Emerson and Eric and Channing that it didn't matter at the time.
The first picture is of Breanna and her cute 18 week pregnant belly. 2 more weeks and we find out what she is having.
I have to say, this family thing is great. I am just so happy I have these 3 kids in my life and even living with us permanently. I thought I would be a little crazy, but instead, they have brought something to my life that I have always hoped for. I feel like these kids are like my own and they treat me like just another mom. In fact, Channing was a little bummed tonight because I got a call from both of the girls just updating me on the rest of their day. And then Channing said, "but that is such a good thing"